Note Regarding June 24 Worship

I have some bad news, followed by what I hope will turn into some good news. As of Saturday, June 23, most of the drains leading from the sinks and toilets at Cassidy UMC are backed up. We’ve had a plumber and a septic cleaning company here, but the problem is not going to be repaired until Monday. Obviously, we cannot flush toilets or run water in sinks under current conditions. Here’s the immediate impact, but again, read all the way to the end, as there is an opportunity here:
1) We will not have 8:45 a.m. or 11 a.m. worship in the sanctuary. We also will not have  Sunday school.

2) We will not have the lunch celebrating Elizabeth Carey’s ministry. We’ll have the lunch next week, on July 1.

We’re not closed Sunday, however. We’re just going to do something very different.

I’m asking that you gather in the upper parking lot at the front of the church at 10 a.m. (Note the different time.) First, we will have a short, simple worship service outside together. (I’ve always wanted to preach from the back of a pickup, and now I’m going to do it.)

I then will give everyone a quick lesson in how to do doorstep visits in our neighborhoods, so we can fan out and let people know we are there and that we care for them. I’ll have some materials for you to hand out, too.

We’ll then break into small teams and go visiting for awhile. I know it’s hot, so we’ll keep things simple.

Some of you who are older or struggling with some sort of physical problem may be feeling left out. Please don’t. We will have both the Fusion House and the Lighthouse open. (The bathrooms there are small, but they work.) It is my prayer that some of you who cannot go with a doorstep team will stay in one of the houses and pray for those who do go out.

We’re trying to get word around as best we can. We’ll use every means of communications at our disposal, but if you have friends or family who are part of Cassidy UMC, please be sure they know what’s going on. I think we would all rather get two calls than no call at all.

Some things to think about:

1) Dress in a comfortable and cool manner.
2) Bring drinks.
3) Bring umbrellas. There’s a slight chance of rain, and you can use them to keep the sun off, too.
4) Bring a lawn chair, if you think you might want to sit down during our shortened worship time.

Be in prayer tonight as we approach what could be a very special Sunday.

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